Awaser means links ... which will be built here between people!

Awaser App is specially designed for the Saudi community. It offers a novel way to linking individuals and families for the purpose of making successful relationships leading to marriage.

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Awasr Application Features:


A special community, with predominantly high-end and educated community of individuals, and families, who are serious about marriage.


Paid subscription, which makes joining this private community exclusive and more successful. In its current version, Awaser app focuses on Saudis and residents of Saudi Arabia.


Awaser is the first and only app that provides a creative solution for families to create family accounts managed by parents, which maintains the traditional marriage but with higher chances of success to their children getting married to the right people.


Advanced search features tailored to our Saudi society (example: search by regions, sects, tribes, etc.)


It offers the non-traditional marriage option for individuals, as well as the traditional way between families and individuals, or both ways to enhance the chance of success.


High privacy for users as they the only controller of information added to their profiles and chat, without any human intervention from the management of the application.


New and unprecedented technical features to help reduce distraction and increase the user’s focus on the appropriate relationship of their choice. Which makes the other party more confident about the seriousness of the relationship.

Quality parameters focus primarily on users’ privacy, and having exclusive high quality community of users, which lead to making strong and mature relationships toward successful marriage and stable happy families.

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